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2019 Trends

2019 Trends

“You’ve always got to push yourself forward; you’ve always got to keep up with the trends

or make your own trends.” – Alexander McQueen

Trends can be broken down into many categories; interior design, fashion, graphic and industrial design, technology and beauty. Thanks to the world of Pinterest and Instagram, trends are coming and going as fast as their legs can carry them. Trends can be a direct focus on colour (hello, yes we see you there Living Coral), inspired by a location (1950’s Palm Springs anyone?), and this isn’t the first time we have seen a retro movement cycle back again (will spots and stripes ever be not on trend), or even a lifestyle choice, as sustainability disrupts fast fashion. We’ve curated a select group of trends which have flowed through each category and we predict, will inch their way into your lives this year.

Living Coral

Phrased by Pantone as, “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge”, Living Coral is a colour that embodies play and expression. Social media platforms were a big influence for this colour trend, inspired by destinations that reflect the pink/red pigment, such as the Amalfi Coast. This tint is harmonious with a variety of other colours including muted merigold, burnt orange, cloudy grey or sea salt green. We want to see walls dedicated to this colour, furniture becoming enveloped in coral velvet and artwork lining your walls featuring the peachy tone. Living Coral strives to seek authenticity in a world dominated by technology; an authenticity that casts a hue as if a film’s light leak has taken over.

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Animal Instincts

Let’s cast our eye back to the 30’s for a moment (red lippy everywhere), now into the 70’s (a bit more flare) and we arrive in 2019, where once again the animal print is back. But did it ever leave? If you have an animal print item in your closet we could put money on it either being a silky leopard print skirt or a chunky oversized faux fur coat. Whatever the texture, stripes, spots and scales are here again. This season is a little more subdued than others, as taxidermy rooms are out and subtle spotted bedheads are in. Pair your choice of print with copper or gun metal grey. If you can’t quite commit to the animal skin, play with the hand-painted dot effect on cushions and wallpaper.

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Another one of our favourite colours for 2019 is turmeric. Inspired by our love for Moroccan design, this spicy mustard colour has scattered over our hearts. From the bazaar markets of Marrakech, the colour of turmeric has spilled into furniture designs with the complimentary textures of jute and cane. This colour is inspired by the warm African sunsets, market stalls, sand dunes and Moroccan architecture. We love the thought of transforming your space into an escape with white drapes, Arabian carpets, velvet cushions and detailed lanterns.

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On Vacation

For a few years now we have seen the tropical foliage trend flood the Australian event styling scene. We don’t think we’ve seen the last of the monstera leaf but we do think we will be seeing it in a slightly different light. Introducing ‘on vacation’ as the oasis of banana palms and tiki bars blends into balmy resort style. Accompanied by rattan lamp shades and bamboo furniture, the vacation trend also includes the luxury of velvet lounges in energetic teal and cushions in flamingo pink. By using contradicting colours such as blue and pink together, the vacation trend is vibrant, fun and full of energy. Grab your piña colada to go and tuck your inflatable under your arm as holiday vibes make their way into your home.

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Palm Springs

Desert chic meets mid-century modern. A little bit gritty and always sunny, Palm Springs makes us think of poolside parties, pops of colour, desert botanicals and the cohesion of indoor-outdoor spaces. We are drawn to the romanticism of an endless summer as the Palm Springs trend takes a leaf out of a 1950’s camera roll with lemon and dusty pink hues. With an architectural reputation, Palm Springs embraces holiday vibes with desert aesthetic. The soft pastel vibes reflect the colour of the year while trending furniture such as velvet or bamboo lounges also make an appearance of course, being paired with prickly cactus. No need for a green thumb, just embrace succulents for a pop of greenery.

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The Byron Bliss

The rise of the earthy and organic tones has whirled in like a tornado. From linen to rattan, wooden furniture to mismatched leather accessories, we are calling this the Byron Bay trend. The most easterly-hippie-epicenter point of Australia brings us a trend of ethical fashion in muted earth tones of taupe, mocha and slate. The chilled vibes of the town can be sensed in the free form clothing, hand-crafted home wares and weather worn bags that have seen just the right about of sea and sunshine. Neutrals are the center of this trend with warm tans and coconut white taking the foundation, but don’t be afraid to throw in some Aegean blue or sage green.

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