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5 Tips for Developing Your VM Style

The best visual merchandising displays are the ones that clearly reflect individual styles and tastes. Looking at a beautiful display should inspire us all to want to go and create spaces, outfits, etc that show off our own personalities – but sometimes that is easier said than done. If you’re feeling stuck or just getting started, here are some tips to help you be mindful about developing your own unique style.

Seek Inspiration

Spending time online is a great way to see what is out there and the benefit of being online is that you get a glimpse at displays from all over the world. Don’t just look at an image, but decide what you like and don’t like about a display. Remember not to imitate a display that you like, it is much more interesting to seek inspiration from various sources to build your own vision. Collect images that appear to you in a mood board or folder. As you look back at you collection you will begin to see unifying themes and have a better understanding of your likes and dislikes.

Get personal

Take a day to go through your favourite personal belongings – it could be items that you have collected over time like photographs, books, rocks, bowls etc. Think about things you love whether it be food, cultures, colours, movies and take time to think about ways you can incorporate the thing that you love and have a special meaning into a display that is visually appealing. Some of the best visual merchandising displays have that personal touch.

Mix and match

A refreshing movement in the field of design has been a move towards the mixing of different mediums and styles. This makes for a visually interesting aesthetic. You may like an old vintage chair that has a worn and frayed textural quality but also like a super modern clear coffee table. Take note of these contrasting elements and how you can create a display that blends modern and vintage props and merchandise.

Notice spaces

When you go into a store, restaurant, office, gallery  make observations about how they have layed out the space, the colours, textures, furnishing and fixtures that are being used. These spaces have been created with thought and intention by designers and when you start to be aware of these choices, you will begin to see how they have been selected to create a specific atmosphere.

Take pictures of your work as you go

Each time you create a display, paint that wall, rearrange, etc take photos to document your progress. You can then look back at your past choices over time and see how far you have come in developing your own personal style.


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