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A Party of Pom Poms

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s Party!”

– Robin Williams

The Spring Summer season at Sacha Drake has begun! With an explosion of colour from various sizes hand made paper pom poms, VM+ designed three window and store displays to reflect the colours found in the latest collection by Sacha Drake.  The pom poms express a festive atmosphere without too much of a heavy Christmas influence. The warm and bright tones of fuscia, peach, yellow, orange and red bring in thoughts of weddings, cocktail parties and S/S racing events.

Fun and feminine, the clusters of pom poms compliment the promotional material and create coherence through the enticing pink tones. The pom poms appear to be floating, enhancing the delicate nature of Sacha Drake clothing.

The softness of the tissue paper is reflective of Spring florals without dominating the space in actual flowers. They hint to the change in season yet reflect the merry party season which is often filled with work functions, Christmas parties and the big day itself on the 25th. Depth was created throughout the store by hanging various sized pom poms in layers from the window towards the middle of the store.

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