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Autumn/ Winter Trends 2018

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Depending where you are, winter in Australia (specifically Queensland) isn’t quite the same as other places. Despite the lack of snow, we do all we can to ensure the cooler days last longer by filling ourselves with cups of tea or snuggling into that beanie around the weekend campfire. No matter how short our winters may be, we’re here to present you with our forecast of Autumn/ Winter trends for 2018.

Earlier in the year we released our 2018 trend forecast and spoke about the 2018 Colour of the Year. We’ve returned again to dive into the crisp mornings of winter through cozy shearing jackets and reflect on the short days through the dark tones of forest green.


Mustard Magic

If there is a perfect time to unleash your mustard crush, the time is now!

Fashion: Bring mustard into your wardrobe as the key player in this trend through over-sized knits and denim. Feeling bold? Navy is the perfect partnership to go with this magnificent colour. Even corduroy is back in (pair with sleek black ankle booties for an updated look). A little pair of mustard socks popping over your black boots and onto your ankles to will transform any dull winter day.

Interiors: From the bold couch to the casual throw, it’s easy to introduce mustard into your living space. Give your balcony a Moroccan feel with mustard pots, or sprawl on gorgeous velvet cushions.

Our ‘go to’ prop: Wire Deer


Winter Comforts

Fashion: Embrace all the textures this winter with ‘teddy bear’ comforts back in trend. From wool shearing coats to cashmere jumpers, it’s all about creature comforts. Neutrals are everything, and your wardrobe will be happy to see the sweet relief of summer brights when you curl into all the turtle necks and wool sweaters you can find.

Interiors: This trend is all about creating a comfy, relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Create a personalized gallery wall by using black and white family photos, freshen your bed linen with textures and if you haven’t already, introduce indoor plants. Keep to silver toned greenery such as patio olive trees and dried eucalyptus.

Our ‘go to’ prop: Louis Armchair Cream


Stranger Things

The Netflix series making its way from our lounge room to our closet; Stranger Things. Having just concluded their second season, the vibes of this trend are seeping into our everyday lives.

Fashion: Dark, mysterious, jungle vibes are what we’re feeling for this winter. Cosy up into op-shop finds in muted greens and dusty bomber jackets. You can’t go wrong with a rich emerald mini skirt and tights; match your finds to a classic pair of doc martens for a perfect cold weather combo. Without dipping our own toes back into 80’s nostalgia too much, we’re adopting key items such as caps, denim and shearling combos, trending the mysterious colour palette of the science-fiction show.

Interiors: With the sun setting earlier during the colder months, it’s a wonderful time to grace your interiors with darker hues. Paint a feature wall in Pantone’s ‘Dark Forest’ shade and embrace the beauty of rich and inky tones. Add life back into your home with a mix of greenery and flowers and welcome the 2018 colour of the year, Ultra Violet into your home through this trend, by mixing floral arrangements with a purple feature flower.

Our ‘go to’ prop: Luxe Gold Orbs and Tropical Monstera Leaves

Millennial Pink

It’s time we touched on the colour brushing everyone’s lips: millennial pink. Is it a salmon tone, a pastel peachy hue or a 90’s apricot hangover? D, All of the above.

Fashion: The Guardian states, “Millennial pink represents a kind of ironic prettiness, or post-prettiness. It’s a way to be pretty while retaining your intellectual detachment”. It’s a trend that captures modern feminism by straightforward placing and reclaiming this colour in everything from clothing to furniture. Find this statement colour everywhere; from coats to shoes but definitely in your kitchen.

Interiors: We blame Wes Anderson for the rise of Millennial Pink as it seeped from his 2014 film, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. The pink trend is timeless and can be matched with most of your existing furnishings, match with burgundy for a masculine twist or rose gold to keep it girly. The frosty shades capture the ambiance of a previous life, and we love it! Style this pink in every way possible, it’s here to stay.

Our ‘go to’ prop: Pastel Pink Market Cart


The Rustic Classic

Our VM+ team trekked to the Sydney Gift Fair this month and were swept up into a collection of Autumnal native bouquets and dusty tones of the changing seasons. The tones of burnt chocolate and amber mix with muted army greens to create an Autumn heaven. We love the classic American maple leaf that captures quintessential Autumn, but what better way to cast our Australian style into the season than by our own collection of natives and sun-bleached bronze tones. By integrating native foliage into a display with rustic crates and Edison bulb lighting, an effective Autumn display is created.     

Our ‘go to’ prop: (COMING SOON) Burnt Chocolate Paper Ottoman 


A/W18 Fabric – VELVET

We couldn’t end this Autumn/ Winter Trend guide without sending out some love to our favourite fabric of the season – velvet. Seen throughout Prada accessories and international street styles, velvet has captured our attention. We love seeing it in all colours; mustard, burgundy, mint green and of course, pink. Wear it everywhere and anywhere, you have our full support to dip your toes or plunge your home into this fabric trend.


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