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Autumn/ Winter Trends 2021

A/ W TRENDS 2021

“They who sing through the summer must dance in the winter” – Italian Proverb

Mid-Century modern

The mid-century modern or MCM phenomenon is here to stay. The magic of MCM is found everywhere, from architecture to interior, furniture, colour palettes and ceramics. There are many ways to thread the spell of mid-century into your home. From hero pieces such as a statement velvet green lounge to an infamous butterfly chair and haven’t we all dreamed about a set of iconic wishbone chairs circling our dining table. Part of the magic about this trend is that you don’t have to dedicate your entire interior to it. With just a few pieces, the appreciation for nostalgic, effortless design will prevail. In a busy world, we’re drawn to the natural timbers found within MCM connecting us to nature and simplicity. In the end, less is more. Choose a colour palette of tangerine, indigo and a shade of pickle green for a mid-century moment.


Even though this is a trend forecast, we hope this is one to stay. With a boom in influencer active lifestyles, millennial generations are engaging with ‘organic’, ‘simple’ and ‘clean’ terminology. From healthy food options to natural textures, sustainable fashion and a boom in DIY, this organic trend features the imperfections of glazed ceramic coffee cups, upcycling market and thrift finds, flawed tiles, woven baskets and rustic timber finishes. Keep your interior raw through a colour palette of rusty terracotta, sage and olive greens, blush and beige. Authenticity as a movement, natural skincare is taking over chemists and innovation being seen to respond to our climate emergency. Inspired by nature, we’ve seen the boom of indoor plants, now fabrics such as linen, jute and timber with an artisanal feel will transform your home into a soul nourishing hub.


The Netflix series got us online shopping for puffy sleeves and floral corsets during the moments we were able to tear our eyes away from the Bridgeton and Featherington drama. It found us reaching for our mother’s pearls and yearning to slip away into a ballroom of high ceilings, regal artwork and gold accents. For the ultimate Bridgerton themed event, feature a cherry blossom tree with lush rugs and a cream daybed for morning lounging, continuing into the afternoon with pastel metal settees (with nothing but wisteria overhead!). Into the evening be sure to feature some disco balls among florals and an ornate mirror to bring in regency vibes. Embrace romantic affluence with pearly pink tones and glittering metallic touches.


In contrast to our dreamy Bridgerton trend, the masculine trend is a shift to the tones of coffee and caramel fabric mixed with tawny finishes amongst garnet red accents. In fashion it’s an expression of androgynous personal style and taste, blending classically masculine silhouettes with feminine touches. Featuring tailor made blazers a little too big to reflect a feeling of being snatched from a man’s closet with synched in trousers forming an elegant and powerful look. Warm up your interior with thrift store finds, vintage suitcases and whiskey decanters, leather chaise lounges and hints of mahogany. Introduce subtle floral designs for a redefining spin while gold accents evoke power and strength. A trend for women and men alike.


As Australians prepare for the cooler season, the desire for connection is still strong in a (nearly) post COVID world. Bring the indoors out with alfresco dining experiences in the crisp Autumn air, framed with jute rugs, lanterns and cushions. Return to nature and blend the newly found love for plants that we all discovered in lockdown with the fun of entertaining. We encourage lavish tablescapes that need no excuses but to just sit with friends and family, wrapping in a shearling jumper and tan boots for a cosy Autumnal experience. Fill your entertaining area with shades of pistachio, latte, hickory and red brick. With some festoon lights overhead, it’ll be hard to head back inside.

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