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Autumn/Winter 2015/16 VM Trends- Ice Princess & Take Flight

Following fashion and trends for the upcoming season, we’re counting down our favourite trends for visual merchandising for Autumn/Winter 2015/16!

Take Flight//

Continuing the Autumn/Winter visual merchandising trends for 2015/16 is all that is feathered with “Take Flight”. Look to the skies for inspiration for this trend as feathers of all kinds will be popping up in displays. Winged creatures are also key to this trend with butterfly wings and peacock prints lining the runways. This trend will be shown in dark hues with bright colourful accents to create opulent and eye-catching displays.

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Ice Princess//

The next Autumn/Winter trend is the stark white and frosty trend of “Ice Princess”. This theme incorporates light and airy fabrics and pale white scenes with touches of sky blue. The entire look gives a sense of elegance and delicacy. The “Ice Princess” sets the scene of an ethereal beauty in a frosted wonderland with fragile  icicles and dew drops. Our perspex snowflakes work perfectly in this theme creating height and a touch of colour to any display. To see what else we have to create this trend contact our stylists on 3217 4500.

article-2510615-1987CE9300000578-86_634x466b15f73928e5a14c5a992d2865d8f269aWinter Wonderland birdcages blue icicles and festoon lights






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