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Autumn/Winter 2015/16 VM Trends- Monotribal & Into The Woods

This week we explore two more trends in visual merchandising for Autumn/Winter 2015/16 “Monotribal” and “Into the Woods”.


Monochrome is always a standard favourite trend popping up every year. This year, monochrome meets tribal with daring patterns and African inspired settings. This trend incorporates the chic and simple ongoing trend of black and white with edgy tribal patterns and textures. Look for patterned backgrounds and statement styling detail contrasted with mannequins dressed in bright on trend colours to create stand out visual merchandising displays.

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Into The Woods//

The “Into the Woods” trend incorporates deep forest greens with woodsy bark and moss covered displays. Just as if stepping into a dark magical forest, VM settings in this trend will have gorgeous textures in an array of different media forms. Our birch votives and stepping stones are a perfect way to incorporate this trend into your event or visual merchandising display.

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