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Departure Lounge vs Shoe Space, Lab Concept Hong Kong

Now every girls loves to shop… For me the real experience of joy comes from shopping for shoes. Yep, I am a shoe lover. My cupboard is not as bad as Imelda’s or Kourtney’s, but it certainly does rival some of the best collections. So when I came across this fab little concept in Hong Kong I was over the moon. The Lab Concept store has successfully combined 2 of my favourite things : travel and shoes. Sensational!!!

Shoe Space, Lab Concept. Hong Kong

From the v.large jumbo that comes out from the side wall, through to the departure seating, arrivals and departure signage and finally the baggage carousel… it is really a fantastic display of creativity in shop VM.

Neon Lights that shine. shoespace, Hong Kong

shoespace, Hong Kong

The merchandisers did their homework in transporting the customer from the boring ‘normal’ world of retail. Fantasy and fabuous – well done merchandisers.

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