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Elements of Design for VM Part 8: Scale

Welcome to Part 8 of our design series where we will introduce you to the element ‘scale’.

I decided that if I could paint that flower in a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty.

– Georgia O’Keeffe

About Scale:

Scale exists when we compare the size of one thing to another – with size of course referring to how big or small something is. If we compare something to a person we are using the ‘human scale’.

Size and scale will influence the mood or impact within a visual merchandising display. For example, the impact of an object is influenced by the relative size of the object within the space or the level of detail we can detect.


How we use scale:

As designers we can manipulate scale to create our desired statement, impact or mood. If objects are very large compared to a person they are referred to as ‘monumental’ in scale, or if very small as ‘miniature’. We may classify something as being ‘out-of-scale’ if it appears too big or small in the context or ‘appropriate scale’ if the object fits well within the overall composition.

1. This window display cleverly plays with scale using oversized wine corks to make a simple, yet effective composition.

2. A female mannequin is surrounded by small scale artist mannequins for a quirky take on a fashion display.

3. The oversize cotton reels and tape measures in this window create an eyecatching backdrop for the smaller products on show.

4. The designer has take the signature tassel on this perfume display and blown them up to a grand scale for a dramatic effect.

5. Cleverly playing with the size of paint tubes showcases these scarves in memorable fashion.

6. A fresh and youthful window is created with large blades of grass that juxtapose with the regular sized mannequins.

That’s it for the Elements of Design as we move onto the Design Principles! Stay tuned for our next instalment in our series Part 9: Balance.


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