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Window Dresser Extraordinaire

The latest news and trends from the wonderful world of visual merchandising. Jano Dawes and her team share their passion for VM.

Excuse us while they change. Burberry. London

This was a bit of fun….. As a visual merchandiser the most fabulous moment is the reveal. You have the design in your head, you create the props, choose the product and then install to perfection. The window is set, you are thrilled…. and then it is time to reveal your work to the world.

Burberry, London

I love this blind because it says it so clearly. The window dressers are at work BUT you can still come in and shop – Perfect!!!

Heckling is an act of cowardice. If you want to speak, get up in front of the microphone and speak, don’t sit in the dark hiding. It’s easy to hide and shout and waste people’s time.
Billy Connolly



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