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Extreme External VM in Hong Kong

OK…. So I love to travel and see what the big wide world has in visual store. Honk Kong is up there with my fave destination. Awesome visual merchandising, on the money displays and it seems on every turn there is something FABULOUS to see. Honkers is ‘retail on steroids’ – the biggest, the brightest and the best.

This blog is all about external VM. In a place as big as Hong Kong one simply can’t rely on the passing traffic (of which there is thousands) to stop and admire your extraordinary visual displays. So the wonderful retailers in Hong Kong have taken to creating VM magic on the whole exterior of their buildings…. I love it!

Homeless the eco retailer in Hong Kong

Take this little retailer in the mid levels “Homeless”. OK so it is a bit grey but the creative use of old tubes and pipes make for a fantastic 3D effect. You can see it from a distance and it kind of draws you in to the store – which is a divine collection of recycled and eco goodies.

Gap, Central Hong Kong

Then there are the big guns… who just make it look so BIG. Gap and Giordano have jumped on the extreme exterior VM band wagon incorporating lighting and larger than life imagery – you can’t miss it.

Giordano, Central HOng Kong

This other little beauty “Peppermint” is covered in green. Anywhere else in the world the greenery would have been picked and prodded … but not in the ever respectful Hong Kong. The faux moss surface of this little retailer is in impeccable condition and really stands out in the sea of grey that makes up much of the back streets of HK.

Peppermint, Mid levels, Central Hong Kong


Then there is the divine beauty of Harvey Nics and Giorgio Armani. The sensational lighting design interwoven with design and direction makes these 2 exteriors a stand out.

Harvey Nicols, Central Hong Kong

Giorgio Armani, Central Hong Kong


Lastly I couldn’t walk by and not take a happy snap of The Central Oasis. This great building wrap creates a greener looking corner in again, a larger than life format. Not matter how you see it Hong Kong does do it in the most spectacular fashion. Exteriors of retailers, visual display and merchandising and of course shopping . Can’t wait to get back there.

The Central Oasis, Central Hong Kong

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