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The latest news and trends from the wonderful world of visual merchandising. Jano Dawes and her team share their passion for VM.

Hot VM trends in the USA

While travelling I am constantly stopping to photograph VM concepts that catch my eye (I am a nightmare to travel with). There is inspiration on every corner waiting to excited the passers-by and entice shoppers to enter into the world of retail. Luckily I am happy to restrain from the retail side of things (most of the time) but enjoy the energy presented in the VM and love sharing that here at home.


Oversized letters were a strong theme that I saw both in Vegas and in LA. Mannis standing and sitting on large signs heralding fashion destinations were stunning.

dscn0020 dscn0021 dscn0184


Geometric backdrops were also a stand out hit trend.

dscn0030 dscn0153 dscn0232 dscn0860

Finally, colour and summer energy was always apparent and ensured the passer by stopped and enjoyed the VM moment.

dscn0165 dscn0221 dscn0862 dscn0876

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