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How to Trim the Perfect Christmas Tree

Ever wondered how those Christmas trees in shopping centres are decorated so PERFECTLY?  Every bauble seemingly in its specific place, amazingly even distribution of those ever-tangling lights and perfect ratio of bauble colours and textures, all while never seeing how they are hung on the tree or even that the lights have leads? Well, never fear, we are going to let you in on our tree trimming secrets!

Follow our steps to success and you’ll be trimming like a professional!

1. Assemble your tree and fluff out the branches. Start at the bottom and work your way up row by row. To create a full tree shape you will need to separate the tree tips from the main branch. Start with the pair of fronds closest to the central trunk, make an upward v shape and continue this process along the branch ensuring that the fronds are at varying heights. To add realism to the odd frond can be positioned in a downward v.

2. Visually divide your tree into two sections. Begin lighting each section of your tree from the top in a zig zag motion to the base. To ensure you achieve the best positioning if lights have them turned on whilst positioning. Make sure you try to conceal all wires and wrap the tip of a frond around the base of the light bulb to keep it upright and in place.

3. Divide your decoration into two even piles. Decorate your tree one section at a time. Start by putting all larger decoration on first then the second largest and so on, to create an even balance of decorations, place each size of decoration in a diamond or triangle pattern on your tree. You should try to place larger ornaments at the bottom and smaller ones at the top.


Note: ornaments placed on external trees can be attached using green florist wire to ensure they stay in place during inclement weather.
The Prop House and VM+ stock a range of high quality trees, decorations and ribbon to create your perfect tree.

That is as easy as it is! If you’re late to set up your tree, why not give it a go? In a few Christmas’s time you’ll have it down to an art!

Happy Trimming!

Aurizon Christmas tree with gold, silver and copper in gold tree box




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