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The latest news and trends from the wonderful world of visual merchandising. Jano Dawes and her team share their passion for VM.

LV in Brisbane and NYC

Now I love the Louis Vuitton windows more than life itself (almost)….. The fact that they can create worldwide themed windows to the extravagant excess that they do is beyond me. It is visual merchandising done in its very best form I think….. Thank you LV, you have again not disappointed in your latest creations. Here in Bris-Vegas we can see the dotty creations that adorn the Queen Street Mall – perfect. I think I was one of 4 people taking a photo of this last week.Red and white fabulous. Window dressing to stop traffic

Then (I love having friends that travel) in New York City, LV took the window dressing creation just that bit further. Not only is the VM of the worldwide bag shop themed in spots…. New York actually had the designer extraordinaire Yayoi Kusama appearing in person. I LOVE a live window…. And such design royalty. Yayoi Kusama standing in Louis Vuitton window New York, 2012

Congratulations and thank you Louis Vuitton.

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