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Overseas Window Dressing Inspiration

I can’t wait to tell you all about my recent window dressing inspiration from Paris and London. It’s been a long time since the original Window Dresser Extraordinaire (WDE) has posted in person – sorry/ Busy – yes… travelling – yes!! Paris and London VM has so much to offer and the next few posts will give you a snippet of the dynamic, revitalized and energised visual merchandising from our overseas VMs.

There are always ideas a plenty when traveling. I never catch a cab – always by foot (with my little traveling companion)! Love this Lanvin window in the centre of Paris – simple black matte paint onto the exterior of the window; easy, effective and dynamic.

This is a fun idea and so easy to translate. Here the visual merchandiser has replicated the colour pallet within the backdrop and feature props. Hand sewn balls in blue and white look fresh and fun while creating perfect little alcoves for merchandise.

Finally for this post – check out these props; bright and bold is an understatement. The detail and design of these were simply stunning – some of the most beautiful windows I saw in Paris.

Stay tuned for more visual merchandising from overseas from a weary but happily traveled WDE. X



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