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Pradashphere Visual Merchandising in Harrods

Well as one would imagine the fact that Harrods was celebrating all things Prada was like a little dream come true for my visual merchandiser’s mind (and camera). In celebration of Pradasphere, the fashion house presented a collection of pieces that perfectly embodied the brand’s signature aesthetic. It ran for a month (finished 29.5.14) and I was lucky enough to experience the wonder of Pradasphere while in London.

The exhibition included exquisite heritage items from the Prada archives, THE most fabulous shoes and accessories I have ever seen, a Prada history wall and four amazing glass cabinets each filled with wondrous garments highlighting Miuccia Prada’s ground-breaking approachto fashion.

As Harrods does only too well, the whole exterior of the building was alive with Prada – extraordinary window displays, flags and signage EVERYWHERE! There was even a Pradasphere Café serving Italian delicacies with Prada style, of course.

My 2 favourite areas were the AMAZING shoe display (above) which had the most wonderful pieces of wearable art encased within decadently coated showcases – think feathers, shag pile and skins… Oh, and you know how I love a good skin!

The second area which I found fascinating was the wall of screens – this was how they displayed the evolution of Prada. The brand is totally gobsmacking, what they have achieved and how they have achieved it!

Congratulations to Harrods and Prada – the bringing together of two iconic brands made my trip to London complete. With more displays, fashion and VM like this in the world, the world would be a much better place.