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Souks of Morocco

We were lucky enough to travel to Morocco recently and were blown away by this amazing country with its blend of ancient cities and modern technology, scorching desert and snow capped mountains and of course the amazing souks! These traditional marketplaces found in the old medina and divided up into trades such as spice sellers, metal workers or tanners are a feast for the senses. A maze of narrow, covered street with hundreds upon thousands of handcrafted items on display from hand-dyed silk to buttery-soft leather slippers, towers of spices, olives and dates, roaming vendors with trolleys overflowing with oranges, mint leaves for tea, or almond pastries.

The locals are experts at salemanship and the stores overflow onto the street, enticing passersby with their sights, smells and the invitation to “come look, looking is free!”

Only donkeys and motorbikes fit through these narrow alleyways and cries of ‘balak balak’ are a warning to jump out of the way fast, only one ‘balak’ and it’s already too late!

It’s easy to get lost as you wander through the twists and turns, watching craftsmen as they hand carve wooden spoons or hammer at copper pots, or watching the ladies sitting and churning the mortar and pestle to make argan oil or ‘moroccan peanut butter’ (a delicious blend of almond and honey).

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