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The Year of the Dog

“Good Luck, Good Health, Good Cheer and Happy New Year!”

Chinese New Year is a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate our multiculturalism. This year, Australia Fair on the Gold Coast, Brisbane Airport and Harbour Town all celebrated the beginning of the Year of the Dog 2018. Two large voids in the Australia Fair shopping centre hung an elaborate chandelier of Chinese fans and lanterns. The lanterns symbolize people letting go of their past selves and are red in colour to symbolize good fortune. The dragon represents prosperity, good luck and good fortune.

Australia Fair

To coincide with the lantern chandeliers, the team at VM+ coordinated the display cases at Australia Fair to represent the colours of Chinese New Year.

Australia Fair

The cheery blossom tree pays homage to the famous Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees in Hong Kong. It is believed that if you tie your wish to an orange and throw it into the tree and it stays there, your wish will come true. VM+ installed a 4mH cherry blossom tree into the Brisbane International Terminal to represent the history of the wishing tree for Chinese New Year in the airport. The color red denotes good luck, fortune, happiness and abundance. By using red envelopes in this tradition, patrons can write their wish, hang it in the branches and move forward into their new year.

Brisbane Airport – International Terminal

Photo opportunities were in high demand, with the season bringing in travelers and crowds. A circular photo ring and a traditional dragon costume were installed for creative ways that guests could capture their time in the various locations.

Harbour Town and Australia Fair Metro


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