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Tree Top Play – The new way for kids to enjoy shopping centres

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” – Mr. Rogers

Tree Top Play is the newest play area designed by VM+ and installed at Robina Town Centre on the Gold Coast. Inspired by the rainforest which surrounds Robina to the West, Tree Top Play draws off the flora and fauna found in the mountainous region of the Gold Coast Hinterland. The play area was custom designed by VM+ to be a place of interactive learning and fun.

The first eye-catching element in the tenancy draws your eye up into the canopy of the rainforest, where circular timber rings hang, overflowing with greenery, Edison bulb lighting, mirror disks and fairy lights. The effect is magical and immersive.

The custom built cubby house includes leaf shaped climbing grips instead of a classic ladder, and a green slide bringing delight to the adventurous. Pebble cushions and log and stump cushions surround and spread in and around the cubby house providing comfort and security.

The timber tic tac toe game varies from the original classic with a guest appearance from the local cockatoo and green tree frog. The swiveling cubes line up to provide more interactive play and memory learning skills.

Sparking delight in children, the Green Tree Frog climbing wall sits at a perfect height for boys and girls to boulder along the mounted frog, completed with high quality hand-holds so children can practice their hand-eye coordination. A caterpillar play panel sits at the end of the walkway ready for little hands to explore each element but also allow multiple children to play at the same time.

A “Can You Find Me” sign hints to children to search for some of the animals found in the Australian rainforest such as a cockatoo, possum and frog. The animal plush toys lie hidden in among the canopy. Around the corner lies another surprise; four distortion mirrors hanging at a low height to warp, squeeze, shorten and stretch torsos. Laughter and surprise fills this corner of the tenancy.

Cognitive skill learning continues through the space with the barrier of a ‘fallen log’. The perfectly shaped structure allows children to tunnel through and climb over, developing their concentration skills through the fun of play. The timber tunnel lies on high quality synthetic turf, a stunning green which extends itself onto custom made ottomans – the perfect place for parents to sit and relax while their children explore.

The hand crafted timber rings overflow with vibrant greenery including pothos plants, ferns and rainforest vines. Around the cubby house, twinkling fairy lights drape through the leaves, creating a magical fire fly effect while bulb lighting creates depth and important lighting. As little people lie on the soft turf and gaze into the canopy, their reflection will bounce back at them from mirror disks which also act as a reflective surface for the glow of the hanging lights.

Placed in two areas of Robina Town Centre, VM Pods stand, brightly coloured and draped in complimentary greenery. Fun, double-sided cut outs were the perfect way to announce the new play space as kids pop their heads through to become a frog, cockatoo and possum.

Tree Top Play is located just outside of ‘The Kitchens” in Robina Town Centre.

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