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Trend to watch: The She Shed

You’ve probably never heard of a ‘She Shed’ before but after reading this you’re probably going to want one…

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life it’s important to set aside  time for ourselves to relax in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. It has been said that sheds are the answer to men’s ailments and if men have “man caves” where they can escape, then why shouldn’t women have their own escapes to shed the stresses of everyday life. Why let men have all the sheds?

That’s why She Sheds are sweeping the globe with women all around the world transforming ordinary sheds into blissful retreats. Typically constructed in a backyard nook or neglected corner of the home, the She Shed is perfect for women wanting to read, create, garden, work from home, enjoy the view or even just nap! There are no rules and you certainly don’t need a professional to create a backyard oasis of your very own.

We’ve rounded up some gorgeous inspiration for you to start your own She Shed wishlist…

Untitled design (15) Untitled design (18)Untitled design (16) Untitled design (17)

Let the She Shed be your visual merchandising inspiration as we head towards Mother’s Day – one of the biggest spending days of the year. It offers so many versatile and visually striking ideas for designing a display or store window.

Untitled design (19)

Consider using a pop up garden shed as the central focus for an instore display and use different materials, textures and colours to complement your featured merchandise.

Untitled design (20)

Rustic elements such as old timber planks, wooden palettes, pegboard, hooks, tools and wicker baskets offer some fantastic and visually surprising ways to arrange products in a vertical display. The more rough and ready the material is, the better the visual contrast!

Untitled design (21)

Floral elements will never go out of fashion – use garden inspired timber offcuts, foliages, florals, twigs and moss to complement smaller vignettes in a display and bring the outdoors in.

Untitled design (22)

That old garden shed staple – the humble timber crate – supplies endless inspiration for displays and is a fantastic tool for adding height and creating small pockets of interest whilst still creating a larger design statement.

Untitled design (23)

The number of garden shed related items that can be incorporated into a display to create interest and inject a sense of humour and surprise are unlimited – let your imagination run wild!

Untitled design (24)

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”

– Audrey Hepburn






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