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The latest news and trends from the wonderful world of visual merchandising. Jano Dawes and her team share their passion for VM.

Visual Merchandising – All in White

Visual Merchandising can take many different forms and fads and during my recent jaunt overseas I was thrilled to see the return of an ALL WHITE window display. Crisp, clean and fresh; creating a white palette can allow the VM to really get the most out of the garments and merchandise.


Polystyrene can be used as a solid form (see backdrop) or carved into any shape imaginable – I LOVE it!!! You can see how this window designer has introduced both carved forms (the saddle & bag) in poly to almost confuse the shoppers – as there are also real life garments within the display. I enjoyed this window in Paris for over 10 mins (which is a record for me).

Now the simple fact that LV manage to have the same style of window on the Champs Elysees as well as in the Queen Street Mall is a wonder to behold (all be it MUCH small in Brisvegas). These over sized, all white, candy boxes suspended vertically within the 4m high windows that flank the world’s most famous shopping strip were quite simply gob-smacking!

And this was a pretty little internal display (again on the Champs Elysees) – here I love the monochromatic combinations of predominantly black garments, dark charcoal manni’s on light grey build ups and crisp, white props to make it pop. Check out the amazing parquetry flooring too – LOVE!

The world of visual merchandising is open to us all – I see wonder in every shop, on every corner. Always be on the look-out for new, creative and dynamic ideas that catch your eye and remember that if the visual merchandiser has caught your eye – their displaly job is done! Happy shopping…




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