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End of Financial Year Flashback ’18

“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind” – C.S Lewis

The last financial year has been a wonderful adventure of visual merchandising, theming, event styling, charity events, VIP nights, Christmas and so much more! We’ve released the first issue of our magazine, The Schmooze, opened up another interactive children play area and styled the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Athletes’ Village… and that was just in the last 3 months!


One of the highlights from this past year was taking on the task of styling the 2018 Commonwealth Games Athletes’ Village. We inspired and dazzled guests with coloured lanterns and festoon lights to enhance the venue while themed props such as seagulls and beach balls reflected the surrounding landscape. We styled a dinner under the stars in Fish Lane and stepped into the past as we themed the iconic Les Bubbles for a 60th party. Hot off the tails of Game of Thrones, our most recent gala ball showcased a Fire & Ice theme to 630 guests. Main styling elements included a fire and ice inspired chandelier dripping from the ceiling, 6m tall inflatable flames, ice filled vases and floating candles.







From rainforest play spaces to shopping centre VM pods and countless Christmas trees with twinkling lights, we hit the ground running this year. Chinese New Year saw multitudes of red lanterns swarm the office as they made their way into chandelier creations. VM+ didn’t miss out on the Commonwealth Games excitement as they took the task to hang another giant chandelier with coloured disks to celebrate the event. Children’s play spaces became their forte – check out some of the play areas here. Christmas is a year round event in VM+ and The Prop house and Xmas 2018 saw giant disco balls twinkle in the city malls and hundreds of festive trees popped up in shopping centres and foyers from the CBD to the Gold Coast. As usual, VM pods were designed and installed to enhance customer experiences and our visual merchandising training course saw new faces pass through the doors and learn the art of VM.









We’ve combined all things The Prop House, VM+ and Christmas Decorations Brisbane into one place! Introducing The Schmooze: One House. Three Sisters.
A place where styling, creativity and imagination come together to be a visual reflection of who we are and what we do here at The Prop House. This year, our team came together to design a magazine that readers could fall into and experience a snippet of the magic here at The Prop House.

Time to grab your coffee, find a comfy seat and have a read of our online copy.



We believe it’s important to give back here at The Prop House. Each year we take time to focus in on some foundations that we’re able to help in our own special way. Some include; Act for Kids, Breast Cancer Network AU (BCNA), Hear & Say, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Children’s Hospital Foundation, & Foodbank. Whether it is by theming a fundraising event or we’re donating Christmas trees, we hope each year we can give back bigger and better than ever.




We love it when our very important people come and visit us here in The Prop House. Prosecco in one hand, canapes in the other, it’s a perfect place to mingle and meet – and we did lots of just that this year! Opening up The Prop House Showroom is one of our favourite things to do, from our VIP nights, to Women Chiefs of Enterprises International (WEIC), to the annual Brains Trust event, lots happened in our own walls this year plus the BSB Showcase.



Our prop stylist, Sydney featured on Totally Wild and we held our annual May Madness Garage Sale!

 Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, tree, sky and outdoor

That concludes our End of Financial Year Flashback for 2018! In-between all the captured moments is our dedicated #girlboss Jano Dawes and a dream team of passionate, fun loving, hard-working, crazy artisans. We look forward to another fantastic year and can’t wait to see what is created in The Prop House this year!

Interested in working with us? Contact VM+ at info@vmplus.com.au & TPH at props@theprophouse.com.au or give us a ring on (07) 3555 8660. If you’re in the area, we’d love for you to pop in! Visit our Showroom at 306 Vulture Street, Woolloongabba.

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Rainforest Play Land

“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning”

Here at VM+ we are experts on creating unique and stand out play areas for children. Not just your average swing set with a table and chair, we take it to the next level…. This month VM+ transformed a vacant tenancy into a rainforest play land.

At Robina Town Centre, VM+ took the task to transform a vacant tenancy to temporarily become an adventure land for children and a haven for parents to take a breather in-between shops. Focusing on creating a place of solitude away from the busy shopping areas, VM+ has created a rainforest oasis with bright green turf, vivid wall graphics and greenery and trees galore.

Hanging greenery and vines from the ceiling was a very purposeful decision to add the sense of depth and create an even more immersive experience. From the view point of children, the ceiling will become a canopy, allowing minds to wander and activate their imaginations.

It is the small touches that really transform the space to be a place of adventure. VM+ has added ‘ride on’ insects to the scene, enhancing the magical park atmosphere as lady birds and bees zoom around on the bark flooring path.

Among the turf is a gross motor play gym, catering to toddlers and the younger generations so the whole family can get involved in this play area. Smooth edges and different textures make it an active learning space. Tables and chairs in bright colours and a tepee tent inspire essentials ingredients to childhood such as story-time learning and role-playing.

In tribute to Australian wildlife, VM+ has added a sensory play panel in the shape of a crocodile. Objects such as this take up minimal space but encourage hours of play with each panel using various motor skills and encouraging sensory interaction.

With attention to detail, VM+ includes fun sensory elements such as cushions that appear to be logs and stones. Interactive materials encourage play yet add a visually stimulating element.

For more of our children play spaces, visit our gallery

Keep up to date on our Instagram for behind the scenes and more! @vmplus

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Why Study Visual Merchandising?

Start Your Career in Visual Merchandising 

It’s time to develop creative confidence. Whether you’re looking for a career change, creative outlet or have a keen business mind and looking to enhance customer engagement and sales, our VM course will provide skills to keep you up to date with the retail industry.


If you have a creative bone waiting to dance, an eye for detail and mind full of imagination… We think you’re ready to join our visual merchandising course!

We see people from all walks of life stroll through our doors – whether you’re ready to start your creative career, looking to enhance your retail business, or want to increase customer engagement as they walk past your market stall or window display. Learn all the theory behind visual merchandising but also how to apply these theories to tangible displays, tell a story and increase sales.

– Attention store managers, marketing managers, shop assistants & creative business owners. Up-skill, add VM to your CV and bring brand-new skills, current trends and knowledge back into your shopping precinct.

– Learn about the elements of design and implement them into your own displays

– Get ready for a career change in design

– Enjoy visual merchandising for a creative outlet

– Learn hands-on skills and problem solve

– Increase sales on your merchandise

– Increase customer engagement, evoke emotion and customer store duration

– Style and construct your own displays and arrangements from an collection of provided props and materials

– Become a competitor with different and explosive eye-catching displays

– Learn to understand your consumer, tell a story through design and create an experience for your customer



Our VM course is a unique program with limited spaces to ensure we provide the best environment with individual feedback and a focus on visual learning. We understand many creative people learn best by active engagement in order to retain information and learn. We take this approach and apply it to our style of teaching.

– 1-on-1 learning with our VM professional who has 20+ years in the industry

– Design and install an iconic window display

– Learn invaluable skills in design, merchandising, signage and layout

– How to apply the elements of design into real life displays

– Hands-on styling and prop building

– Walk away with a certificate in visual merchandising


Course spaces are limited – Enroll Now! 

download our information booklet & application form

For more information, contact one of our visual merchandisers on (07) 3217 4500 or email info@vmplus.com.au

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