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Christmas Trends 2021

Christmas Trends 2021

“In the final month, December, we often find magic in other people, places and things. As the year comes to an end, open your heart and embrace whatever may come your way. Decide what you love and what you want to leave behind – as you prepare to embark on a new year of life.”


Each year we enjoy exploring Christmas trends. Relishing in the final moments of the year, we love to dwell in glitter and colour, treat ourselves to lavish dinners and join in the laughter as we clink champagne glasses. It’s a wonderful time to explore creativity and dress your interior with foliage. Pick your trim for the year and soak in the glow of warm twinkling lights. This year we have been inspired by our muses; Beyoncé and her fierce metallics, Queen Elizabeth for a royal palette, Iris Apfel and her outrageous patterns and Mother Nature inspires through organics tones. Who will your muse be this festive season?



Queen Bey influences our metallic trend, as her 2017 Grammy’s outfit dripped with gold, so will our Christmas decorations this year. From gold leopard print patterns to glitter copper tones, Beyoncé inspires our metallic decorating with her every strut. We recommend broadening your horizons when it comes to decorating in Bey-style. Become the talk of the town with a black wreath trimmed in honey gold and shining silver. Don’t be afraid to make it dazzle with illuminated garlands twirling around the tree. Our Beyoncé influence makes us think of modern royalty and luxurious finishes. She is the queen of being glamourous, fierce and elegant all at once, and inspires us to focus on our purpose, not perfection. So ladies, let’s get in formation and make this Christmas as good as gold!

Black Wreath

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Iris Apfel

Flamboyant, outrageous and full of life, our Iris Apfel Christmas trend is all about colour, sparkle and the unexpected. It’s all about self expression which is why this trend is up to you! We urge you to experiment with colour, with texture and with styles. A little bit of vintage with a little bit of modern, mix and match baubles with iridescent finishes, feathers and patterns for the ultimate Apfel-touch. Iris Apfel encourages us to be bold and stand out, make our mark and be fearless in design and style. If you don’t know where to start, think Iris and pick a signature element… black rimmed glasses might do it. 

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Mother Nature

Organic tones of olive green and taupe amongst pops of vibrant orange is what makes Mother Earth dynamic. Inspired by the foundation of neutrals, this trend is soft and approachable, think of foggy mountain landscapes with the surprise of pink sunsets peaking through. Brown paper crackers and dried citrus garlands meet timber decorations. There are many ways to approach this trend as nature never goes out of style. Feature berries or eucalyptus, found items from nature walks or sea shells from the shoreline. We may think Mother Earth is all one tone, but when you look closer you are greeted with sparkles of unexpected colour. 


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Queen Elizabeth

The British Monarchy is maybe one of the first things that come to mind when we think of tradition. This trend is inspired by royal blue, imperial red and emerald green. Vision of country clubs, tartan fabrics and regal bejewelled crowns combine to establish a trend with the Queen at it’s centre. Embellish with pine cones, red berry garlands and sweet pomegranates lit by candle light. The traditional tones of this trend means we prompt you uncover decorations from your grandmother’s attic. Bring out the vintage nutcrackers and stockings worn through with love to make this trend authentic and memorable. Unmissable red poinsettias against the deep green foliage, topped with twinkling lights is a picture perfect moment for this trend. 

Find the decorations on www.christmasdecorationsbrisbane.com.au


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Spring / Summer Trends 2021/22

Spring / Summer Trends 2021/22

“Each Moment of the Year has its Own Beauty”

It’s that time of the year where we start to reach less for our cosy winter jumpers and more for our linen skirts. Where we trade neutrals for pops of colour and springtime daisies make their way into our garden beds. As the seasons change we welcome the warmth of the sun tinting our skin and exciting our hearts for beach side picnics and balmy nights with fruity cocktails. Seasons and chapters are common dialogue these days, happy to place darker moments behind us and look forward to a sunnier future.


Cuban Colour

There’s no other way to start of a Spring / Summer trend blog without all of the colour! Welcome to Cuba… with ultramarine blue mixed with banana yellow, tangerine orange, hints of softer pink bring this trend into its own. Don’t know where to start? Channel far-away tropical lands with a tiki bar, an abundance of fruit and a statement banana palm tree. It’s the neon sign that makes this trend drift from the classic tropical trend. The juxtaposition of creamy pinks opposite lime green hit the senses with confusion and excitement. Pop on a pearl necklace or anklet (or both!), some bright hot pants and oversized linen shirt to take the trend into your wardrobe and sail away into the sunset.


Peach Picnic

Summer days bring in visions of lazing under giant fig trees or crunching our toes in white sand. Grab your straw hat and indulge in a grapefruit spritz embracing our peach picnic moment. Make the picnic purposeful this Summer by choosing tones of apricot, coral and salmon. Evoking warmth, joy, optimism and regeneration, these hues pare best with electric blues for a bold, dynamic combination or spearmint for feminine sophistication. With a lot of us making up for lost time with friends and families, picnics are the perfect moment to embrace your loved ones with good food while being surrounded by nature. Feast in the fields this Summer and make the most of it with the extra touches like candles, leather ottomans, vintage glassware and creamy throws for when the sun slips behind the horizon. Bring in the peach tones with linen napkins and strawberry macaroons, even dusty roses to add a little something special. Now all you need to do is send the invites and choose the cheese!

Electric Pastel

Life’s a party, dress for it! That means outfit and interior. This season’s Spring/ Summer is inspiring a little bit more disco, a little bit more colour and a little bit more drama. This invigorating trend honours the classic pastel palette of Spring with a twist. Turn up the saturation for an electric display of lavender, aqua, pink lemonade, zesty lemon lime, and accents of metallic. Between backdrops and bouquets, your event will come alive with neon lights and mirror balls to offset the unexpected colour combinations found in the floral arrangements. Dress to express in delicate floral prints or a sequin number this Spring as we herald the start of the party season.

Velvet Orchid 

Bought to us originally from WGSN’s trend forecaster, we’re here to talk about Orchid Flower. Continuing our energetic theme of colour for Spring / Summer, Orchid Flower is an intense, saturated tone inspired to evoke thoughts of positivity and escapism with its hyper-real shade built on its magenta undertone. We love this colour contrasted with an electric blue, specifically an oceanic teal to balance the depth of this tone. Rather than flood your interior with this colour, integrate pops of Orchid Flower with cushions, statement furniture pieces or artworks. If you’re not ready to embark upon your mulberry hued colour journey, hero the plant itself into your space to enlighten the senses with this creative colour.

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Autumn/ Winter Trends 2021

A/ W TRENDS 2021

“They who sing through the summer must dance in the winter” – Italian Proverb

Mid-Century modern

The mid-century modern or MCM phenomenon is here to stay. The magic of MCM is found everywhere, from architecture to interior, furniture, colour palettes and ceramics. There are many ways to thread the spell of mid-century into your home. From hero pieces such as a statement velvet green lounge to an infamous butterfly chair and haven’t we all dreamed about a set of iconic wishbone chairs circling our dining table. Part of the magic about this trend is that you don’t have to dedicate your entire interior to it. With just a few pieces, the appreciation for nostalgic, effortless design will prevail. In a busy world, we’re drawn to the natural timbers found within MCM connecting us to nature and simplicity. In the end, less is more. Choose a colour palette of tangerine, indigo and a shade of pickle green for a mid-century moment.


Even though this is a trend forecast, we hope this is one to stay. With a boom in influencer active lifestyles, millennial generations are engaging with ‘organic’, ‘simple’ and ‘clean’ terminology. From healthy food options to natural textures, sustainable fashion and a boom in DIY, this organic trend features the imperfections of glazed ceramic coffee cups, upcycling market and thrift finds, flawed tiles, woven baskets and rustic timber finishes. Keep your interior raw through a colour palette of rusty terracotta, sage and olive greens, blush and beige. Authenticity as a movement, natural skincare is taking over chemists and innovation being seen to respond to our climate emergency. Inspired by nature, we’ve seen the boom of indoor plants, now fabrics such as linen, jute and timber with an artisanal feel will transform your home into a soul nourishing hub.


The Netflix series got us online shopping for puffy sleeves and floral corsets during the moments we were able to tear our eyes away from the Bridgeton and Featherington drama. It found us reaching for our mother’s pearls and yearning to slip away into a ballroom of high ceilings, regal artwork and gold accents. For the ultimate Bridgerton themed event, feature a cherry blossom tree with lush rugs and a cream daybed for morning lounging, continuing into the afternoon with pastel metal settees (with nothing but wisteria overhead!). Into the evening be sure to feature some disco balls among florals and an ornate mirror to bring in regency vibes. Embrace romantic affluence with pearly pink tones and glittering metallic touches.


In contrast to our dreamy Bridgerton trend, the masculine trend is a shift to the tones of coffee and caramel fabric mixed with tawny finishes amongst garnet red accents. In fashion it’s an expression of androgynous personal style and taste, blending classically masculine silhouettes with feminine touches. Featuring tailor made blazers a little too big to reflect a feeling of being snatched from a man’s closet with synched in trousers forming an elegant and powerful look. Warm up your interior with thrift store finds, vintage suitcases and whiskey decanters, leather chaise lounges and hints of mahogany. Introduce subtle floral designs for a redefining spin while gold accents evoke power and strength. A trend for women and men alike.


As Australians prepare for the cooler season, the desire for connection is still strong in a (nearly) post COVID world. Bring the indoors out with alfresco dining experiences in the crisp Autumn air, framed with jute rugs, lanterns and cushions. Return to nature and blend the newly found love for plants that we all discovered in lockdown with the fun of entertaining. We encourage lavish tablescapes that need no excuses but to just sit with friends and family, wrapping in a shearling jumper and tan boots for a cosy Autumnal experience. Fill your entertaining area with shades of pistachio, latte, hickory and red brick. With some festoon lights overhead, it’ll be hard to head back inside.

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