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International Christmas Windows 2019

“That’s what Christmas memories are made from. They’re not planned; they’re not scheduled. Nobody puts them in their blackberry. They just happen.”

Deck The Halls (2006)

It’s time to indulge. Grab that cup of tea and 10th slice of Christmas cake as we head to London, Paris, New York and even Melbourne to uncover the whimsical, quintessential, luxurious and celebrated windows bringing in Christmas 2019.

Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann

The deco dome of Galeries Lafayette has been swarmed by dazzling bees this Christmas as it transformed into a beehive. Dripping their vibrant flowers of every variety over the pine tree, the iconic tree became barely visible under the glittering lights.

Always extravagant, the main window was a medley of animated bees, busily buzzing around incandescent blooms and creating a spectacular Christmas table setting.


Harrods, London

Is it a menagerie or is it Harrods? Both! Animals found in frosty environments such as the brown bear (bearing gifts) and snow leopard (escaping with Elie Saab) to a zebra and mountain goat travelling heavy these holidays with gift boxes strategically mounted on their backs traveled throughout the Harrods windows. Each luxury brand featured in the windows reflected the animal in focus with the framing of the window magically surrounding the scene with twinkling green foliage.

In creating the concept, the store’s Creative Visual Director, Alex Wells-Greco took inspiration from the “fantasy worlds dreamt up by childrens’ writers such as Philip Pullman, particularly the use of animals as figures of magic and escapism.” 


Tiffany & Co, New York

Tiffany & Co this year draws eyes right into their window with a clever miniature carousel story. Ready for the twinkling eyes of both children and adults, the jewellery in their Fifth Avenue flagship store has been presented for the merry season on a tiny city-scape of Central Park. With your attention captured by the life size carousel protruding from the window, as you gaze into the windows, another world comes alive.

Myer, Melbourne

The infamous Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, have made an appearence this Christmas in the Melbourne and Brisbane Myer windows. May Gibb’s gorgeous Australian gumnut baby characters look like they have walked right off the pages of one of her iconic books.

With 800 hand-cut gumleaves, the characters adventure through Christmas scenes with a quintessential Australian influence. Myer said, “Scenes include the Gumnut Babies playing in an Australiana-themed Myer Beauty Department, and even exploring a bush fairy inspired Giftorium.”


Tis the season…

Macy’s Holiday window with a puppy nose enjoying all the scratched
Louis Vuitton, New York a splash of colour to brighten every grey snow day.
“An Out Of This World Holiday” at space age inspired Bloomingdale’s NY.
Saks Fifth Avenue at 611 5th Ave, dripping in Frozen journey of colour, characters and twinkling lights… lots of lights!
The iridescent and textural Tree of Liberty at Liberty London

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Queensland Children’s Hospital Takes Flight

The metamorphosis of a sheltering tree escape

The Queensland Children’s Hospital Kidzone in South Brisbane was re-imagined this November as The Prop House and VM+ (Visual Merchandising Plus) team took on the task to redesign the space where children and families come to play, rest, learn, read and create.

With a design based around the concept of metamorphosis, the room was transformed by bespoke wall graphics, tailored flooring and a ‘sheltering tree’ standing 5mH with a secret cubby where the stars constantly twinkle, caterpillars hide among the hanging leaf canopy and panels of interactive play line the tree truck. The palette represents the colours of Queensland distilled from bright tropical tones to emerald and apple greens, lavender, violet and sky blue.

The theme of ‘Metamorphosis’ is evident in the space, as giant butterflies populate the high ceilings and colourful caterpillars line the branches of the sheltering tree. In nature, metamorphosis is a process of transformation, from one physical form to another, to reach a state of ultimate potential. A concept which hopes to inspire the essential goal of recovery, healing and beautiful transformative change. 

“Sincere thanks for the incredible job you did transforming the new Kidzone space at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. The design, ‘Metamorphosis’, perfectly captures the treatment journey of the children and families in our care, creating a magical forest in which they can safely play and enjoy much-welcomed distraction. You took a blank slate and made it resonate with life and fun. The fact you accomplished all that in a few short weeks, within a complex major hospital, is testament to the professionalism of your team. One of our core values at Children’s Health Queensland is ‘Imagination’. Thanks to you, Kidzone now encapsulates that value.”

Health Service Chief Executive, Queensland Children’s Hospital 

The leaves of the sheltering tree are made up of acrylic and softly cut in two tones of green which catch the light gleaming through the floor to ceiling windows. Colourful trees and butterflies that line the walls of the space were designed by The Prop House graphic artist and adopt the fun colour palette that is used throughout the hospital.

Not only stimulating to look at, the butterflies on the walls and caterpillars among the branches were designed to match in a game of guessing which caterpillar transformed into which butterfly.

This play area is most recent space The Prop House and VM Plus have designed, manufactured and installed. Throughout the year, the team works to deliver custom designs constructed to reflect various environments from vast Australian landscape to fantasy worlds, all inspiring imaginative learning. From tree houses to enchanted woodlands, sensory escapes with sea turtles and interactive technology, TPH and VM+ are constantly evolving their designs to keep up with the demand for activated spaces and play zones.

The design for Kidzone was endorsed by the Children’s Health Queensland Arts in Health Advisory Committee, the Children’s Hospital Foundation and the CHQ Executive Leadership Team, after a process of consultation with many creative and clinical stakeholders.

For more images and information, head to www.vmplus.com.au to see what other kids play space creations we design.

Email info@vmplus.com.au or call us on (07) 3217 4500.

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Christmas Trends 2019

Kitsch; adjective. Noun.

art, objects, or design considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality, but sometimes appreciated in an ironic or knowing way.

Neon Nostalgia is the phrase we are using this Christmas to capture the main trends we will be seeing throughout the merry season. With the lead up to 2020, neon lights have been retrieved from the 50’s and here for another chance to illuminate celebrations throughout the world with luminescent logos. We also ditch the Hygge trend this year and embrace our Australian lineage. Texture and colour are in focus and from the kitsch to the koala, we’re here to show you all the fun and fantastic trends this Christmas.


Silent Night, Neon Lights

Santa’s throne covered in fairy lights, naughty and nice lists in blazing text, juxtaposed palm trees with baubles and Christmas trees made entirely of lights. There is nothing subtle or silent about this trend. Bring in the year 2020 with radiating trails of light. Inspired by the neon jungle trend, this Christmas, blend tropical greenery with shiny baubles for a euphoric festive occasion. Energy will be buzzing with hyper-saturated colours juxtaposed on raw brick backdrops. This trend will be a mix of unexpected characters next to the bold tones found in the iconic neon glow. When you think you’ve reached your illumination maximum… add a few more.


A Very Vintage Christmas

A very favourite trend here in the office; a very vintage Christmas is inspired by the retro tones of the 50’s and the nostalgia of delicate ornaments and colours only found in vintage stores. The revival of vintage Christmas includes delicate glass baubles and kitsch bubblegum wreaths. Drape lengths of pearls around your wreaths and deck your mantel piece with antique ornaments. We’re here for the revival of tinsel. Hear us out… let the cellophane material hint into your aesthetic by using small pieces throughout your living area (inside a clear bauble or wrapped around the crockery).  We want to see ornaments that make you nostalgic for your childhood and kitsch decorations that should have been donated but now reminisce a bygone era.


In the Spirit

Let’s party like Gatsby this Christmas. Inspired by the decadence of the 1920’s, the burgundy trend sees the glitz and glam of the 20’s re-imagined with luxurious velvet ribbon, sparkling baubles and plush feathers. From mahogany to raspberry, this colour trend is all about the depth of tone. Compliment these tones with copper or put a modern spin on it with accents of buttery gold and slate. Charcoal inflections will herald warmth and visions of nights by the fire. This trend is all about texture, with the velvet trend only picking up pace and bedazzling Christmas this year. Drape burgundy over seating arrangements, use in place-mats and be sure to wear the colour yourself this merry season. Guests will be drawn to you with the red hue capturing the spirit of Christmas. Go further with accessories of gold and glittering statement shoes. After all, “A Little party never killed nobody” …


Stay Golden

When you think of gold, images of grandeur and glamour come to mind. We’ll take gold this Christmas in anyway there is to offer; glittering stars on top of the tree, 2mH reindeer’s standing proud, gift boxes wrapped in shiny paper and tables twinkling with cheeky gold bells hinting to Santa’s close arrival. The best part about using gold as your focal colour this season is that you can match it with almost anything. Navy blue, check. Pink, check. Black or white, check. Olive green, check. Gold works as a metallic neutral tone, so it is perfect to be used throughout your home to highlight your table decor or dress your tree tip to toe in the honey shades of the sunset.


Deck the sheds with bits of wattle

As the last few years have seen the Danish Hygge trend “a quality of coziness that makes a person feel content”, transform to Swedish concept of lagom “enough, sufficient, adequate, just right”, to the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi, “finding beauty within the imperfections of life”. We’re taking 2019/20 as our year to show what ‘down under’ has to contribute. From the country to the coast we celebrate our lineage under blue skies, crashing waves and the minty pine aroma of our giant gum trees.

We’re all about foraging for eucalyptus and celebrating Australia’s rustic environment. Natural timber decorations will be found throughout the home, on both the tree and table. Transform your outdoor setting with simple branches decorated in twinkling lights and vases filled with raw cotton stems, proteas and wattle. Add these elements to your gift wrapping by enveloping your presents in olive coloured ribbon with twigs and leaves sprouting out of brown paper secured with twine. We encourage you to rummage in the undergrowth for natural treasures. Complete the look with twinkling stars, glass baubles and earth toned embellishments.



The direct french translation for black, noir is our seductive and stylish trend this year that captures the old Hollywood genre. Focusing on colour (or lack there of), it’s all in the detail with this Christmas trend. Mix textures timbers for the best result of the noir trend. Let us paint the picture for you; James Stewart’s face appears on your screen “A Wonderful Life” is playing. Decorations on the tree are a mixture of black, gold and white with a ribbon replacing the movement of tinsel as it swirls around the branches. The tree is illuminated with warm twinkling lights and their glow is cast onto gifts scattered underneath wrapped in geometric white and black wrapping. Tall thin candles are a matte black dripping wax onto the white table cloth. The flaw reminiscent of film noir heroes and the dramatic low-lighting, structuring a murder mystery. Less Gothic, more tuxedo.

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