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Colour of the Year 2018: Ultra Violet

“Complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos,

the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now.”

Introducing the 2018 colour of the year, Ultra Violet.  Colours have amazing power when it comes to creating emotion and subconscious thoughts within a space. Implement a design strategy using violet this year. This tone is often associated with mystery, independence and creativity. The use of violet in gathering places is known to energize and inspire connection. Often found in places of meditation, ultra violet is a beautiful way to provoke experimentation, relaxation and individuality. It is a colour that reflects the unknown and is often associated with the cosmos and limitless possibilities. Icons such as David Bowie and Prince are known to have adopted this shade, bringing a dramatic flair to performances.

With the world we live in becoming more and more futuristic with the development of new technologies, the team at Pantone decided on Ultra Violet to reflect on the future of design, technology, culture and innovation. This colour stands as a representation for growth and creativity.

The pantone colour of the year is beautiful when incorporated into a design with complimentary colours. From floral pastels to deep burgundy, Ultra Violet captivates and energizes. Match it with deep reds and dusty ice blues for a killer contrast, or single out the blue based purple on its own and use neutrals to add extravagance to your display or interior. We love this in textures and gradients,  and brings a sophisticated edge to window displays and store interiors.

View our seasonal fashion VM gallery to get inspired for a year of colour and creativity!

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Top 5 Christmas jobs of 2017

From designing the concepts to the all-night installations, VM+ had a very busy Christmas in 2017! From spinning disco balls in the Valley Malls, to cheeky nutcrackers and every colour of baubles in-between, we covered it all. Here is a little glimpse of some of our favourite Christmas installs from 2017.

Contact the team at VM+ to bring the magic of Christmas to your venue in 2018.

1 William Street

With tones of copper, champagne and silver, 1 William Street sparkled this Christmas. Nutcracker soldiers heralded the magic of Christmas with their trumpets, greeting passers by, while the 7.5m tree in the foyer ensured a spectacular display of Christmas joy. Silver ribbon twisted around spiraling baubles on the main tree, while twinkling lights complimented the sophisticated trimming.


Valley Malls

One of our most unique Christmas installations for 2017 was the Valley Malls, including China Town and Brunswick Street Mall. Multiple components were constructed by a large team who worked collaboratively to ensure this job embraced everything that we love about Christmas. It was a visual feast of colour, movement and light. VM+ created a destination to be enjoyed by everyone, and celebrated the Valley’s reputation of dancing the night away.

Inspiration was drawn from the nightlife in London’s Covent Garden and included features such as two giant dazzling rotating mirror balls, twinkling icicle lights, wreaths and garlands. Matched to existing oriental elements in China Town, wreaths and garlands were trimmed in a red and gold colour palette to maintain tradition with a twist of modern finishes. Banners hung from structures to highlight the Christmas season and take the precinct into Chinese New Year.


Toombul Shopping Centre

The VM+ Christmas elves have been busy this year transforming Toombul Shopping Centre with a decorative style that oozes opulence. By limiting colour and focusing on texture, the foliage came alive with a sense of luxury. The gold accents of glitter and sequins became illuminated as the warm twinkling lights reflected off their surfaces. If there was a flower which epitomised Christmas, it would have to be the poinsettia.

Classically red, the team at VM+ provided tradition through the use of black and white striped and gold beaded poinsettias. The contemporary tones helped freshen the overall trimming while establishing the Christmas decorations as a statement series throughout the centre. See more of this job here.


Sunnybank Shopping Centre

It was a woodland escape during Christmas at Sunnybank Hills Shopping Centre in 2017. Between the walls of greenery lay Dancer (or was it Prancer), while mushrooms and soft logs scattered around for those waiting to sit on Santa’s knee. The main event other than the man in red, was our large fig tree which featured butterflies and birdcages to enhance the magical woodland ambiance.


Beenleigh Marketplace 

It was all in the detail at Beenleigh Marketplace this joyous season, with foliage trimmed in the traditional tones of red, green and gold. VM+ bought in a twist of modernity by using textured diamond baubles between others of shiny, matte and glitter finishes. Cheeky nutcrackers welcomed visitors to the Santa setting as Rudolph stood nearby.

Interested in VM+ bringing Christmas magic to your venue this 2018? Contact us today!

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For all your Christmas decorations needs, visit www.christmasdecorationsbrisbane.com.au

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2018 Trend Forecast

“Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it’s so complicated”

– Paul Rand

2017 was a beautiful year of tropical greenery, rose gold and bohemian desert trends. We saw the fiddle leaf fig and monstera leaves take over our interiors and rose gold found its way from the rings on our fingers to the light pendants above our kitchens. To be honest, we’re not sure we’re ready to let these trends go yet, but we’re excited to open this 2018 chapter to a collection of terracotta tones and soft 50’s revival. Let’s release our grip on boho chic and refresh our perspectives with ethical and sustainable living…



Terracotta and burnt orange are tones that we’re expecting to see a lot more of this year. From bed linen to accent homeware items, hints of this red hue are scattered throughout interiors. Shift away from Scandinavian style and dig down into the charred, rustic textures of wicker baskets and linen. Velvet, suede or ceramic, find the right texture for your space and embrace the weathered, arid appearance of these sienna hues. Pair it with cool white and pale blue to subdue the weight of this shade, or mix it with Moroccan inspired rose pink and bright teal tones.

Out ‘go to’ prop for this trend: The Moroccan Ottoman, Arabian magic carpet and rustic lanterns

1950’s Romance

Romance, glamour and luxury! Think the sharp angles of 50’s deco furniture complimented with soft velvet and pops of greenery. Key colours include navy, chestnut, sand and the ever present, millennial pink. Sit down with any Hitchcock film, or a modern drama like A Single Man, to get reacquainted with the 50’s, and embrace all the vintage Danish teak wood armchairs you can find. This trend captures sophisticated metals in angular designs, making it all about the key furniture pieces. Keep the detail active with elements such as metallic terrariums and antique whiskey decanters. Maintain texture with your cushions, rugs and coffee table ceramics and focus on soft, muted tones.

Out ‘go to’ prop for this trend: Cow hide stool, antique whiskey set, terrariums and shearling rug

Bold & Bright

If you’ve been to any kind of independent design market this year, you would have definitely come across the trend of bright perspex earrings, macrame plant hangers and abstract art prints instead of inspirational quotes. With 2017 ending on a high with the love is love movement, people are proud to have a voice and embrace self expression. The trend of using bright colours is a beautiful visual metaphor for political activism. With the 2018 colour of the year being announced as Ultra Violet, we’re excited to embrace tones of lime, raspberry, cobalt and teal. We especially love the revival of pink and red together, either on bed linen or clothing; it’s a bold and beautiful look.

Out ‘go to’ prop for this trend: Acapulco tables and chairs, bright lanterns and macrame holders

Ethical Living

We’re entering an age so engaged in technology, it’s no wonder people are turning to ethical living and sustainable designs in their homes to reconnect with nature. Let’s return to a simpler way of living by valuing experience over possessions. Start small; get your hands dirty in the veggie patch, introduce meatless Mondays and purchase a re-usable water bottle. Design does not have to be compromised. Some of the highest quality of jewellery and furniture comes from independent designers and why not visit your local Salvation Army for secret, unique finds. The aesthetics of this trend captures that Byron Bay relaxed beach vibe, yet is achievable for city dwellers. Why not focus on key lighting fixtures like lanterns to illuminate your space and white wash some pallets for original outdoor (or indoor) furniture.

Out ‘go to’ prop for this trend: peacock wicker chair, pallet furniture and feature lanterns

Tailor Made

Embrace gender fluidity with masculine, tailored features this year. Three words: high impact accessories. This trend oozes confidence as we adopt colours like mahogany, forest green, chocolate, midnight blue and moss. Branching off the scandi/ minimalism movement, this trend welcomes more texture and bursts of bronze accents. Opening plan living and sparse interiors are necessary and beautifully capture modern Australian living. Try combining concrete and metal for earthen luxury, and embrace leather for a tailored twist. It is the blend of heavy duty materials used in delicate ways that defines this trend and the beauty it holds for 2018.

Out ‘go to’ prop for this trend: Chesterfield leather lounge, chocolate arm chair and tripod lamp

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