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Christmas Trends 2018

“December… Saving the best till last.”

One of our favourite parts of the festive season is getting to decorate our trees, adorn our homes and set the table in a different style every year. We’ve been busy venturing across the seas and travelling interstate this past year to collect ideas and bring you our favourite trends this coming Christmas. Let the magic of Christmas 2018 begin!

Wabi Sabi

Originating from the Japanese language, Wabi-Sabi means to accept imperfection. It is a belief and aesthetic based on recognizing that something incomplete can become beautiful. A design example we love is expanding on our connection to the earth through natural materials. This trend is taking over from the Hygge trend (the cosy contentment of simple living) and leads into a Scandinavian tone but with a focus on abandoning perfection. Focus on textures such as metal and driftwood to incorporate this beautifully flawed trend into your home this Christmas.

Our go to colours: Gun-metal grey, silver, olive green and natural hues



Green, red and gold. The combination of these colours has screamed Christmas for centuries. Add a few little berries to your wreath to enhance the festive ambience and decorate the tree in glitter, matte and reflective finishes for a contemporary twist. Make a statement with vibrant red velvet poinsettias or keep it familiar by dressing the house in colours reminiscent of a childhood spent waiting for Santa. From nutcracker soliders to reindeers, this iconic Christmas trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and we can’t wait to see how it continues to change and adapt year after year.

Our go to colours: Cherry red and forest green



Since the rise of the millennial pink trend, we’re embracing all the feminine energy we can find to spread the pink love into Christmas. From gorgeous merino lamas, fairy and angel decorations to vibrant bubblegum baubles, we love pink this Christmas. Don’t get overwhelmed by the feminine shade; pair with black accents, scandi wood finishes and opulent mirror details to offset any lingering thoughts of school yard scrunchies. Hailed as the ‘new neutral’, this delicate blush pink will find its way into your hearts and home.

Our go to colours: Pink… pink… pink…



We promise the royal wedding didn’t inspire us… okay maybe a little bit… but we can’t go past divine jewel tones for Christmas this year. Sapphire, amethyst, ruby red and emerald green are some embellishments we’re embracing around the Christmas tree. Modern and moody, this trend inspires us to circle around the tree on velvet cushions and dress our tables in dramatic silk and indulgent coloured glassware. Provocative colour of the year, Ultra Violet sings loud in this trend as it makes its way from the catwalk onto our foliage. Pair these decadent colours with geometric decorations for a true avant-garde Christmas.

Our go to colours: Fuschia, sapphire and emerald green



Last year our showroom was a luxe interior of black and white patterns with a hint of gold extravagance. This year the trend continues in the form of glitz and glam. Indulge in atmospheric lighting and go head first into the trend by lavishly decorating your entire home. We believe there is no such thing as too much glitter and this trend proves that merriment and glam go hand in hand. Gold charger plates matched with black crockery make for a dreamy table setting as the tree gets draped in honey and amber ribbon.

Our go to colours: Gold, navy blue, white and black



There’s plenty to get inspired about living in the ‘Sunshine State’, and it doesn’t stop at Christmas. This year we’re welcoming the coastal trend with eucalyptus foliage, driftwood mantle piece elements and we can’t forget about brown paper packages tied up with string. The coastal trend floats between rustic, shabby chic, Byron Bay and Hampton vibes. We love incorporating an Australiana twist through suspended native foliage and decorations in the form of gumnut babies and Aussie characters. Think light and airy as we whisk ourselves away onto the closest beach and dip our toes into the warm Australian shore.

Our go to colours: Gold, white and rose-gold with timber accents and muted green.



“Go big or go home”! This is our motto for 2018. Our Jolly BIG Christmas Shop heralds the merry season with the biggest baubles around. From nut cracker soliders to giant present boxes, reindeer and of course, baubles – this trend has come in with impact and we are certain you won’t miss all the huge decorations decoratings public venues this year. Why not take the trend home with you and hang some baubles from an external tree!

Our go to: Oversized baubles in candy apple red

Get ready for Christmas by visiting our showroom at The Prop House – 306 Vulture Street, Woolloongabba 4102. 

or SHOP ONLINE now at www.christmasdecorationsbrisbane.com.au.

For more information, contact VM+ at (07) 3217 4500 or email info@vmplus.com.au

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Champagne Season – S/S Trends

“We like to see the glass half full. Preferably with champagne”.

Champagne season is upon us! Pop the bubbly, because as champagne season begins to arrive, so do the new season trends for spring. Keeping it fresh and creative, here at The Prop House we’re seeing Australian natives take over from the classic peony and jewel tones break through since the announcement of ultra violet becoming colour of the year.

Suspended florals

We love natives. Garlands of eucalyptus down tables or vases of proteas – natives are everywhere. Regardless of the variety, we love suspended florals. Suspended over tables, archways or marquees entryways; the thicker the foliage the better. Keep it pretty with proteas or herald summertime with the buttery yellow of our classic wattle. Alternatively, for more mood and ambience, focus on suspending deep forest greenery with black and gold accents. Integrate fairy lighting or luminescent bulbs into the display for the ultimate atmosphere.

Our ‘go to’ prop: the protea


Not-so-basic backgrounds

Did champagne season even happen if you didn’t take an Instaworthy shot? Create a ‘selfie experience’ with dazzling backdrops at the next spring racing event. From simple copper and floral arches to balloon installations, backdrops are statements that keep your event captured forever. Add custom signage with the event #hashtag to propel your event into the social media universe.


Our ‘go-to’ prop: foil backdrop 


Rich and Royal

Since the announcement of ultra violet becoming the colour of the year, we’re not surprised that jewel tones have been ready and waiting for champagne season. Ethereal and romantic, velvet is a cause for luxury and comfort. The oh-so-soft fabric is everywhere at the moment in mustard, sapphire, emerald and teal; pair with gold for even more luxe. Rest your feet on a velvet ottoman for the ideal afternoon at the races.


Our ‘go to’ prop: the velvet suite


Heavenly Havana

The growing trend of rattan furniture is rapidly increasing and will continue into spring and summer even more than it has already. With the flavour of Miami floating through all of the champagne soirees, hanging pendant lights remind us of a Byron getaway while tropical palms, driftwood furniture and white-wash peacock chairs take us to exotic beach side locations. Get dressed in your all-white attire and float away to the sounds of crashing waves and clicking cocktails.


Our ‘go to’ prop: bamboo luxe package

The Greenhouse

The vibrancy and freshness from greenery brings any event from ordinary to extraordinary. Bring ‘The Greenhouse’ alive through a minimalist timber gazebo structure as it acts as the perfect foundation for a themed or un-themed spring event. Let guests mingle among giant fiddle leaf figs and leather ottomans. The space will come alive with tropical tones of bright pink bougainvillea to really set the place apart. Don’t be afraid to drape, hang and bunch greenery into any pocket you can find to create an immersive greenhouse experience.

Our ‘go to’ prop: the fiddle leaf fig

Champagne season style icon: @lydiaemillen

Spring location envy: @byronbeachabodes

Drink of the month: @moetchandon










To get your champagne season started, contact us today for VM displays!

info@vmplus.com.au or call (07) 3217 4500

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Tree Top Play – The new way for kids to enjoy shopping centres

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” – Mr. Rogers

Tree Top Play is the newest play area designed by VM+ and installed at Robina Town Centre on the Gold Coast. Inspired by the rainforest which surrounds Robina to the West, Tree Top Play draws off the flora and fauna found in the mountainous region of the Gold Coast Hinterland. The play area was custom designed by VM+ to be a place of interactive learning and fun.

The first eye-catching element in the tenancy draws your eye up into the canopy of the rainforest, where circular timber rings hang, overflowing with greenery, Edison bulb lighting, mirror disks and fairy lights. The effect is magical and immersive.

The custom built cubby house includes leaf shaped climbing grips instead of a classic ladder, and a green slide bringing delight to the adventurous. Pebble cushions and log and stump cushions surround and spread in and around the cubby house providing comfort and security.

The timber tic tac toe game varies from the original classic with a guest appearance from the local cockatoo and green tree frog. The swiveling cubes line up to provide more interactive play and memory learning skills.

Sparking delight in children, the Green Tree Frog climbing wall sits at a perfect height for boys and girls to boulder along the mounted frog, completed with high quality hand-holds so children can practice their hand-eye coordination. A caterpillar play panel sits at the end of the walkway ready for little hands to explore each element but also allow multiple children to play at the same time.

A “Can You Find Me” sign hints to children to search for some of the animals found in the Australian rainforest such as a cockatoo, possum and frog. The animal plush toys lie hidden in among the canopy. Around the corner lies another surprise; four distortion mirrors hanging at a low height to warp, squeeze, shorten and stretch torsos. Laughter and surprise fills this corner of the tenancy.

Cognitive skill learning continues through the space with the barrier of a ‘fallen log’. The perfectly shaped structure allows children to tunnel through and climb over, developing their concentration skills through the fun of play. The timber tunnel lies on high quality synthetic turf, a stunning green which extends itself onto custom made ottomans – the perfect place for parents to sit and relax while their children explore.

The hand crafted timber rings overflow with vibrant greenery including pothos plants, ferns and rainforest vines. Around the cubby house, twinkling fairy lights drape through the leaves, creating a magical fire fly effect while bulb lighting creates depth and important lighting. As little people lie on the soft turf and gaze into the canopy, their reflection will bounce back at them from mirror disks which also act as a reflective surface for the glow of the hanging lights.

Placed in two areas of Robina Town Centre, VM Pods stand, brightly coloured and draped in complimentary greenery. Fun, double-sided cut outs were the perfect way to announce the new play space as kids pop their heads through to become a frog, cockatoo and possum.

Tree Top Play is located just outside of ‘The Kitchens” in Robina Town Centre.

For more information about how VM+ can redesign your vacant tenancy, email info@vmplus.com.au or call one of our designers on (07) 3555 8660.

View our children’s play space online gallery here.

For more of our VM fashion displays, view our gallery here.

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