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Make room for Mother’s Day

“Sometimes the most inspiring person you’ve ever known is the first person you’ve ever met”

Spoil mum this month in your shopping centre with a Personal Shopping Experience, Pop-up Champagne Bar or a deluxe Gift Wrapping Station. We also have endless ideas on how to dress your windows for Mother’s Day and celebrate in style.

Champagne for Mum

Create a late night shopping experience for the mothers out there with a glamorous pop-up champagne bar. Make it glow with hanging disco balls over head as they reflect the petals of a cherry blossom tree. Add some extra luxury with velvet furniture for mum to relax on as the family spends time hunting for the perfect gift. Keep it classy with marquee letters to catch the attention of passersby, LOVE or MUM are the perfect words to express admiration.

Pink Power

Decorate and design your windows for Mother’s Day with pretty pink flowers and love hearts. By choosing a colour, there are many ways to show love for all of the mums around us. Fill your windows with strawberry tones and use repetition to encourage present purchases. By filling your store windows with pink motifs, it is a reminder to shoppers that the occasion is coming up, your store front will stay in their mind and remind them to come back or go straight in as they know they will find a gift in-store.


Luxury Pods

A personal shopping experience or styling lounge is the perfect way to treat mum to a little luxury experience. If you don’t want to commit to a complete styling experience, create ‘luxury pods’ throughout your shopping centre. These pods might include some glamorous furniture, velvet finishes and enchanting lighting. Not only for mum, these lounging options provide some enticing seating throughout your centre which will be much loved by dads who might not love the shopping experience as much. A comfy seat will extend the time that customers stay in store and create happy shoppers everywhere.


Gift Wrapping

So the kids and dad have picked the perfect present… What’s next? Help take the next pressure off by providing the perfect gift wrapping station. Not only will this act as a marketing strategy in your centre, it provides an extra customer service experience. Gift wrapping stations, although practical, are a way to encourage shoppers to return to your centre as you’re seen to provide ‘above and beyond’ services. Our custom made pallet bar provides a no-fuss set up with hidden storage. Take it to the next level with custom signage, olive trees or fiddle leaf figs either side. Place a stunning rug or artificial turf underfoot to create an identifiable ‘zone’ for customers.

To view more of our Mother’s Day visual merchandising, view our online gallery.

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Easter Activations

“Follow the Easter bunny… He has the chocolate”

There are many ways to celebrate Easter. This year we’ve decided on four looks for various Easter activations and displays that you can bring into your shopping centre or store front display this year. Invite the Easter bunny into town with chocolate eggs and pastel bunting as children hunt for eggs in a bright garden party theme or create a sanctuary with a neutral look featuring DIY activities.

Bright as a Bunny

Vibrant green artificial turf, a life size fig tree, market carts filled with flowers and pastel seating for tired shoppers. The ultimate Easter activation! If your centre is thinking of promoting a school holiday activity area this year, look no further than VM+ to create a whimsical experience for both children and parents. From little moss bunnies to giant sunflowers, activation spaces can be created to ensure your promotion is the focus and time spent in-store is increased. With white picket fencing and kid friendly pallet furniture, our kids school holiday activations are memorable and unique.

View our activation gallery on Facebook here.


Carousel Capture

Get your hashtags ready and the Instagram filter prepped. Photo backdrops are the perfect way to share that your centre is current on social media platforms. With Easter around the corner, backdrop displays encourage shoppers to linger, take a snap with friends and share their location on social media. By avoiding the classic Easter motifs, target the next generation with beautiful visuals and your customers are more likely to share their experience. We love the paper fan blooms, cherry blossom trees and our white wash peacock chair for some various photo opportunities. If you’d like to add some custom signage with that signature hashtag, look no further than VM+.


Garden Party

Let us set up a “Sparkle Bar” for your late night shopping experiences. Grab a flute of champagne and head onto the lawn for a garden party adventure. With eye catching birdcages, florals and decorative seating, a pop up bar is the perfect way for shoppers to relax at the end of the day in a secret oasis. We can design a custom bar experience with lattice backdrops, wooden swing chairs, artificial turf and white picket fencing. You bring the sparkling and we’ll bring the bar!


Neutral and Natural 

Looking to add a sophisticated touch to your Easter window display? Want to encourage a temporary seating area with a pop up market? Easter displays can be created with neutral props to just hint at the holiday. Let these stunning features be the foundation for product you want to sell or promotions you want to push. By using pallet furniture, stacking crates with flowers or suspending foliage from the ceiling, there are many ways to create a unique look for your store. We love the textures of rattan lamp shades or the complexity of birdcages decorated with draping plants. Let your Easter product speak for itself with a neutral background.

We’d love to hear from you and your business for all your Easter activations and visual merchandising. 

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Authentic Autumn

An Authentic Australian Autumn

“I see the turning of a leaf dancing in an autumn sun, and brilliant shades of crimson glowing when the day is done”.

As Autumn approaches in Australia, instead of visions of pumpkin lattes and maple leaves, we start getting excited about the prospect of pulling out a long sleeved shirt and start to panic slightly about the end of summer weather warnings. As summer swings into autumn, the tones of chocolate brown, mustard ochre and caramel latte tones get absorbed into our clothing and home wares.


We’d like to introduce autumn to you this year with the soft feathery details of pampas grass, artisan rattan light shades and a delicate mix of textures. With an eye for composition and balance, mixing textures is the perfect way to subtly introduce the autumn season with harsh surfaces symbolizing winter and the delicate finishes representing summer. We have introduced the textures of mirrored disco balls to add contrast to the soft neutral foliage. Experimentation is key with this look and play is essential. The bloom trend embraces fallen foliage such as palms and fronds instead of the classic maple leaf. For the ultimate DIY – grab a can of spray paint and coat that frond in glossy gold.


Farm House

Getting into the more classical autumnal style, this look focuses on weekends spent in the country with cups of tea and homemade scones. Textures include jute rugs, leather ottomans and vintage suitcases. Like any country home, the farm house look is created through the art of layering (just as you would with your clothing during this time). Start with a foundation of a flat weave rug, build upon it with wooden furniture. Layer in the details with mugs and collected pine cones, candles and classic books. Don’t forget the art of repetition; this element of design focuses on one item and uses it to it’s highest potential with the power of duplicated action. Suitcases are ideal for this, with height and depth being created by stacking vintage luggage. Repetition creates unity, cohesion and consistency for the viewer or customer.


The New Yorker

We start to tread into true Autumn territory when we start talking about New York City. If you’ve been to NY in the fall, even though it’s at a different time in the year to Australia, central park and the red brick skyscrapers seem to be cast in a glorious bronze hue. The air is filled with the scent of hot coffee and bagels and a pair of snug boots are a necessity. We’ve channeled this look into featuring some iconic elements from the city that never sleeps. Lets start in the 1920’s, sneaking past the prohibition jazz crowd as we wander into Times Square where signs and lights blast, through the Chelsea district where light posts glow and trees are illuminated then stoll into Central Park where the smell of roasted nuts fragrant the air off market carts. A city of endless opportunities, The New Yorker look can be achieved through many different visuals, just use your imagination and you’ll arrive in the Big Apple!


The Edge of Autumn

Over the mountains and through the woods… The Edge of Autumn look centers on the rustic textures and woodland aesthetic. Use timber charger plates and birch wood stumps to reflect the cold days in need of a fireplace. As the leaves make their way from the branch to the forest floor, the Edge of Autumn look reflects just that; the end of autumn and the arrival of snow fall or if you’re in Australia, at least some morning frost. We love the use of real branches used in displays, add fairy lights for a whimsical look or keep it authentic with wooden furniture and cosy finishes such as sheepskin rug. It’s time to unpack your beanies, autumn is on the way!


We’d love to bring the seasons into your business or shopping centre.

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