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The latest news and trends from the wonderful world of visual merchandising. Jano Dawes and her team share their passion for VM.

VM in Tokyo

The thing about Tokyo is that it is fast paced, very fast paced. If you slow down you get pushed aside (and let’s face it, no one wants that). So… if everyone is racing around at this fast pace, how do we get noticed? We add colour!

Bold, bright, fabulous colour – as is shown here in these exquisite windows from Isetan, the very up market department store in Shinjuku. Celebrating HANABANASAI 2017 – Japan’s ‘Festival of Flowers’ which heralds the start of Spring. This series of windows is a stunning representation of balance, contrast and zen VM.

The display of product is so minimal and so clean – it makes one wonder – why put it there? The window design alone makes all who pass by want to venture inside this exquisite store and explore the merchandise.

The use of concentric circles repeated within the window design adds movement, drama and effortless energy.

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