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What’s trending Christmas: Nordic Luxury

Nordic Luxury is a perfect look for those who love earthy decor with a bit of sparkle. It is about finding beauty in the old and making it new again by juxtaposing classic, weathered pieces with a bit of shimmer and shine.

flat lay

The key to making this look feel fresh and modern is to use lashings of white to contrast with the rustic tones. The white suggests Scandinavian design and winter landscapes but is equally as effective to cool down a summer Christmas in the southern hemisphere. Adding shimmering metallics in gold and silver for that extra pop of sparkle makes this look perfect for Christmas. Read on for our ultimate guide to achieving the Nordic Luxury style.


flat lay2 Wreath Display

The origins of the Advent wreath are found in ancient folk practices during the cold December darkness of Eastern Europe, when people gathered wreaths of evergreen and lighted fires as signs of hope in a coming spring and renewed light. Embrace this tradition in modern style and make your own beautiful wreath installation. To create this feature wall select an assortment of wreaths in various shapes, sizes and textures and arrange together for visual impact. To achieve the perfect layout, place the wreaths on a horizontal surface and experiment with the arrangement until you get it just right before hanging on a wall. This would look equally as beautiful hanging in a store window and decorated with seasonal merchandise, just make sure it’s at eye level so everyone can enjoy the rich detail of your wreaths. (White and Natural Twig Wreaths, Peacock Wreaths and Foliage Wreaths in many colours available in our showroom). 


flat lay6

Elegant Mantle

One great tip to remember for setting up a display is the motto “show, don’t tell”. Before purchasing, people generally want an idea of what something will look and feel like and the best way to accommodate this is to set up your display so that they can envision it in their own home or on themselves. Once they can envision your product on themselves or in their homes, you can consider it as good as sold. This look would be perfect for a homewares or furniture store and feels warm and inviting with the use of natural textures and materials. To create this luxe look, drape a mantle or window with a garland decorated in burlap bows and an assortment of flowers and berries in natural tones. Complement the garland with miniature burlap trees wrapped in hessian and silver or pearlescent baubles to catch the light. (Foliage garland, Berries, White Poinsettia, Glitter Flowers, Burlap Tree and Baubles are all available in our showroom). 


flat lay8

Scandinavian Still Life

There are a few key things to remember when putting together a store display. Start with the area closest to the door and create a beautiful festive arrangement that puts your  newest or most expensive items in the spotlight. In creating displays, visual merchandisers often refer to the ‘Pyramid Principle’, where you have one item at the top and all the other items one step down from each other – this forces the eye to keep moving and looking around. Be sure to have lots of textures and enough products that the customer feels encouraged to pick up and touch things. (Burlap Trees, Rustic Wooden Stars, Twig Star Ornament all available in our showroom). 

flat lay4

Rustic Accents

Natural accents can easily be incorporated into the Nordic Luxury style as it embraces the earthy and natural trend in design. To make the look pop for Christmas, work your best natural finds with a white backdrop and sparkling highlights such as crystal and glitter ornaments. Go on the hunt for natural materials such as wood, burlap, stones, twigs, string and adorn a large branch with paper ornaments, cute timber cut outs and silvery icicles. This would be the perfect way to show off smaller items in a store while still creating a big impact. (Paper Ornaments, Icicle Drops and Timber Angel all available in our showroom). 


flat lay7

Seasons Greetings

Scandinavian design strongly features both graphic typography and timber textures. Combine the two this Christmas and create signage with extra style and flair. Choose a festive message then use recycled timber to spell it out, replacing letters where possible with ornaments such as a wreath for an “O” or a star for an “A”. Use textures that contrast or complement the signage such as glossy letters combined with rustic twigs or natural timber paired with silver foliage. The key to nailing this look is in the combination of textures for visual interest.  (Natural Twig Wreath, Glitter Centrepiece, White Timber Star and Snowy Wreath all available in our showroom).


flat lay3

Snow Scene

This snow dusted scene is so simple and easy to achieve and creates a beautiful seasonal backdrop for a window display. Use foliage and trees in winter whites to create depth then select elegant reindeer in gold or silver for a luxurious take on winter. Dress Dasher, Dancer, Prancer or Vixen with glittering feathers, sequined blooms or silver bells and watch your sales “dash away! dash away! dash away all!” (White Nordic Trees, White Garlands, Silver and Gold Reindeer and Glitter Reindeer available in our showroom). 


flat lay5

Festive Promotions

Create a memorable experience for customers with an advent calendar counting down to Christmas Day or do a 12 Days of Christmas giveaway with a stylish countdown decorated with found objects and Christmas trinkets. Think outside the box when it comes to creating special meaning for your customers and make sure to pick a cohesive theme for your display. Here we have continued the Nordic Luxury style by combining silvery white baubles with sequinned flowers, glitter pinecones and rustic wooden stars.  (Baubles, Pinecones, Star, Bells and Berries all available from in our showroom). 

Visit our website at www.christmasdecorationsbrisbane.com.au for full details on how you can purchase all the beautiful items in this article.





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