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WRAPPED IN FABULOUS : Cartier, 5th Avenue, New York

I just LOVE this photo. Not only is it a picture of one of the world’s most iconic stores but it is at Christmas time. Not only do they wrap the building with brilliant red light but they adorn the door way with a bright, shining, LED lit  tiara. And it is raining… Perfection. The streets of New York city during the crazy rush before Christmas are complete madness. People laden with bags, filled with gifts rush as the wind bites and the cold freezes. At every turn there is something more amazing than the last to be seen – a window, a decoration extravaganza, a street person, a pretzel stand  – all alive with the wonder that is NYC. Gotta get back there sometime soon! “I wanna wake up in a city that never sleeps” Frank Sinatra



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